Star Wars: Minor Details

Game 2) Diplomacy

Prologue Continued

The session opened with a group of three unknown figures escaping from a firefight, using their comm-links to call for extraction only to find it unavailable. They were saved by the arrival of a strange droid driving a ramshackle ambulance.


Zooming out from the surface of the Sy Myrth, the Consular Class Cruiser "Unity" glided through the blackness towards the planet. Aboard, Tavi was being briefed as to his role as the Ambassador of the Galactic Republic.

The cruiser descended to the surface of the world and landed within the main spaceport, where representatives of the main parties of parliament were waiting to greet them.

Tavi spoke with each of them in turn, with Troalnathawk posing as his bodyguard. He was first greeted by Harbuck Tonfa, a Sy Myrthian who was the speaker of the parliament and head of the largest group, the Sy Myrthian Planetary Party, within it. He was then introduced to Aras Conal, a Rodian who represented a block of independent members of the house, who promoted autonomy on both a personal and an interplanetary level. The next in line was Castel Birch, a Togruta and head of the Libertarian Movement on the planet.

[Brief interlude for dinner]


Tavi and Castel bonded over the jewellery in their lekku.

He was then introduced to Rikart Voss,a member of the Open Market Alliance. Following which he was introduced to Siran Abix,the leader of the Galactic party, a member of a family which has strong ties with the Galactic Republic, who was notably reserved. Finally, he met Ginel Heran, a Human representative of the Protectorate, a block focused on increasing the military ability and national security of Sy Myrth.

Once the formalities were out of the way, Tavi and his entourage made their way to the Embassy. They found it dusty and unused since the previous embassy staff had been ejected at the start of the Clone Wars. It was ill-suited to defence, having been built in times of galactic peace. There were three entrances at different approaches to the building and so they opted to close two, closing their gates and barring their doors. Tavi made approaches to three of the leaders, Harbuck Tonfa, Castel Birch and Siran Abix. The first agreed to accept Tavi's (unspoken) invitation to visit the Embassy for dinner. Castel invited Tavi to the headquarters of the Libertarian movement for a meal and discussions. Whereas Siran Abix suggested that thy meet during the recess of the first Parliamentary meeting that Tavi would attend.


At which point, we cut back to a few days earlier, with 3R0R rescuing the three figures from the scene of a firefight. Their leader, and the only still conscious member, led him back to the basement of a rundown warehouse, which contained a suspiciously well stocked medical facility. He hired 3R0R to keep a watch over his two companions as they recovered in the two bacta tanks the warehouse had. He also asked him to fix a speeder, which had a blown out thruster.


We cut back to Tavi and Troalnathawk, later on in the day, as they joined the representatives of the Parliament to greet the Separatist Ambassador that was due to arrive the same day. The Separatist ambassador was a Nemoidian by the name of Varkas Balli, who arrived with a small entourage of two other Nemoidians, and some Bounty Hunter bodyguards, and a large retinue of battle droids.

The welcome for the Separatist ambassador was much the same as it had been for Tavi, with the representatives being as reserved, though some of those that showed Tavi a warm welcome were cool to Varkas and some who were cool to Tavi were warm with Varkas. There was, perhaps understandably, a cooler reception between Varkas and Tavi but they managed to agree that it was good that there was a neutral venue in which they could discuss matters and they hoped that some good would come of it.


Meanwhile, we cut to earlier in the day, with Nexu and Rawl onboard the "Dutiful Legionaire", a Bardoz class freighter, which was piloted by a two person team, Vib, a Kel Dor pilot and Radix, a Trandosian mercenary. The pair seemed to have to continuously work to keep their ship together, making repairs on the fly and treating Nexu and Rawl as no more than.additional cargo.

They were called up into the cockpit as the ship got into orbit of the planet and their credentials were run through the Sy Myrthan systems. There was an overly long delay in the response coming back but they were eventually directed to a landing platform in the spaceport. However, as they entered the atmosphere (enduring a surprisingly bumpy ride and last minute repair job), a pair of Z-95 Headhunters started to fly in formation with them. Vib took the view that they were rumbled and instructed Nexu and Tavi to man two hidden laser cannons that had been manually fitted behind a bulkhead on the port and sideboard sides of the ship.

Radix detonated two charges, ripping the bulkheads apart and allowing the laser cannons protrude from the ship. The two Headhunters were shaken by the blasts and took heavy fire from the laser cannons, as Vib turned them off their charted course,dodging through the buildings of the capital towards the outskirts. The two Headhunters peeled off and came back around for a strafing run but the two clones withering fire forced them to limp back towards the spaceport.

The Dutiful Legionaire made its way towards the outskirts of the city before another, larger squadron of Headhunters caught up with them. Vib called the clones to the cockpit, telling them to do it "now!". The headhunters fired concussion missiles at the Barloz and Vib told the crew to hold on, as they heard large explosions behind them just before the missiles were about to impact, and the freighter tore itself in half, the rear portion exploding into pieces as the missiles impacted. As the front half of the spacecraft glided towards a woodlands outside the city, we cut to black.



3R0R had kept himself busy during the few days spent in the safe-house repairing all that he could find to repair, though his host, a man by the name of Argent Jade, kept him away from all the major computer systems.

3R0R could establish that the group was well-stocked, almost suspiciously so, but didn't go looking at things that Jade kept from him. He just pottered around being as helpful as he could.

Back in the present day, a red flashing warning came up on the main computer screen in the safehouse and ran to the speeder, instructing 3R0R to get into the Speeder, as the thruster hadn't been completely repaired yet.

They sped off, the garage leading into the sewers of the capital city, before exiting out into a deserted part of the factory district. Jade drove recklessly, driving towards a factory and directing 3R0R to guide the speeder inside as he opened it up.


After the crash, the clones and their pilot appeared to have emerged largely unharmed apart from some scrapes and bruises. One of Radix's arms had been hit by a large piece of shrapnel and was bleeding freely. Letting out barely a grunt, he tore his arm off and proceeded to help Vib get clearly pre-prepared corpses from a well secured box near the cockpit, and strewing them about the wreckage. Rawl and Nexu had retrieved their gear and made their way into the woodlands before the Headhunters could make another pass, and Vib and Radix didn't take too long to follow them. Nexu led them clear of the crash site and towards a nearby speeder parking lot, for those who were walking in the forest. Rawl spliced one of the parked speeders for them and they made their way towards the city, and they managed to avoid detection from the patrolling Headhunters. As they entered the city, they saw a troop transport heading the opposite way, towards the crash site.

Rawl and Nexu had Vib drop them at the outskirts of the warehouse district and proceeded on foot, but not before Vib encouraged them to contact her if they needed a lift off-planet. Rawl and Nexu managed to make it to the designated meet-up point without incident, skirting around any potential difficulty posed by the local gangs. Once there, they met their contact, Argent Jade, together with his bizzare looking droid friend. He thanked them for coming and noted that their help would be greatly appreciated.

Jade drove them back towards the safe-house, seeming to intentionally damage the speeder to give 3R0R something to repair while he filled Rawl and Nexuin on the situation on the planet. He showed them a map of the area and noted that there were a few sites where they had traced droid parts to and that there was a location outside of the city which was transmitting encrypted message which were in a code that the operatives had not yet been decoded. He indicated that he and his two comrades, Zeebo and Griggs, who were both in bacta tanks in the safehouse, had been spotted by some of the local army as they went to investigate one of the suspicious sites and forced to back off. He noted that he had likely been identified and wouldn't be much use to them out in the field, and his comrades would be too wounded to help for at least another week.

He said that the clones would likely need some rest but that they could start operations the following day.

Tavi and Troal took their place as "parties of interest" in the parliament, joining other major forces such as the representatives from the Banking Guild and the Hutts. Tavi and Troal also noted an unexplained robed figure in a similar place of prominance. A quick question to one of the guards of the parliament indicated that he was the Guardian of the Jedi Temple on this planet. They found that their records held no information on him. Troal closed his eyes and reached out through the force, his probing senses able to feel that the man was force sensitive, though anger clouded his thoughts. When he opened his eyes, he saw the man looking at him directly.

A short time later, the session of the parliament began in earnest, with a number of economic and security related motions being heard and debated before the parliament. Tavi could tell, and his advisers also noted, that while Harbuck and the parties aligned to him didn't have sole control over the house, he seemed to be able to ensure that the motions of the parliament regarding planetary security and interplanetary relations went his way. On other issues, like economic initiatives, some of the parties that sided with him appeared to vote more freely.

The parliament retired around midday to allow the members of parliament and their pre-eminent guests to take some rest, conduct meetings and have something to eat. Tavi and Troal took the opportunity to meet with Siran Abix, who greeted them far more warmly to the quiet negotiation room than he had at the spaceport the day before. He quite frankly told them that he supported the Galactic Republic in its conflict with the CIS and would see the planet rejoin the Republic if it was possible. He asked them how the war was progressing and then inquired as to where the army had come from. Tavi plainly said that someone had forseen that it would be needed for the Republic in times to come and quietly prepared without the knowledge of the Senate. Siran accepted it with little difficulty, appreciating the difficult situation but suggested that in dealing with Castel it would be better if he didn't explain it in the same way.

Tavi asked him what he could tell them of the political system of the planet. Siran noted that Harbuck was a bit out of sorts compared to his usual bluster, as it seemed that he was forced to recognise that the fate of the planet was presently beyond him and that he would seek to use the representatives of the Republic and the CIS to try and secure a place for the planet in the galaxy that would follow the ending of the war. Otherwise, Tavi, Troal and Siran chatted amicably about matters and ate a pleasant lunch together.

After the break, the Parliament resumed with the interested parties provided an opportunity to speak to the floor. Tavi took the opportunity to address the room, noting that the Republic sought to benefit all on Sy Myrth and that by rejoining with the Republic, it could have a place of prominence in the Senate as it once did. He pointed to the trading benefits and diplomatic ones that the republic offered and asked the people of the planet to open their eyes to the conflict that was taking place around them, that they were likely to be caught up in it whether they liked it or not.

In response, the representative for the Seperatists stood up and spoke, saying that while Tavi spoke of all the good that the Republic gave, he glossed over the ill that the Republic had done, calling them warmongerers. He stated that the Seperatists greatly respected the stance of Sy Myrth in standing apart from the conflict, as that was all that the Seperatists wanted, a chance to stand independent and apart from the Republic, but that this war had been started to prevent them from doing so. He thanked the Sy Myrthans to heed his warnings but noted that he was pleased to have the opportunity to speak in a neutral venue such as this.

Following the statements, much of the Parliament was in disarray with arguments occuring between factions. Once the arguing had died down, the sitting was concluded and the members of Parliament dispersed.

Out in the main foyer of the Parliament building, Tavi and Troal were approached by Kali Bevan, the Temple Guardian. He noted that as Jedi, they would likely wish to visit the temple. He noted casually that he had once been a part of the Order but that differences had led him to leave it. He noted that there were certain things that the Order did that caused great disturbances in the force. He invited Tavi and Troal to the temple, noting that there were a number of artifacts there that would likely interest them and that there might be more that they could discuss.

Meanwhile, Nexu and Rawl gathered their gear and prepared to investigate the source of the mysterious messages. They decided to bring 3R0R along in case the speeder they were in needed some fixing on the way and it suggested that they might have a more legitimate purpose than the two clearly disciplined and muscled men might otherwise have. 3R0R had deduced from how similar Rawl and Nexu appeared that they were clone troopers and as such that the whole safe house operation was a Republic one, but seemed to believe that they were doing good work, and besides, he was getting paid.

The location was out in the forest outside of the city, and the speeder trip there proved rather uneventful, though Rawl and Nexu noticed that groups of ne'er-do-wells seemed to start paying them attention as they drove by. Once they made their way out into the forest itself, they could tell that the signals appeared to be originating from a transmitter station that formed part of the communications structure on the planet. They did a number of casual passes in their speeder, before parking it behind the cover of some trees and taking a closer look. They kept watch on it for most of the day and the night.

The facility was guarded by a number of rotations of guards and seemed to have a number of non-security staff present at all times. The two clones established that there were gaps in the security patrol and that the security system of the building was governed by identity cards, which at least outwardly only had one level of security. They also noted that no access was required to the main building itself to access the transmitter directly, so it would be entirely possible to scale the main building and access it.

Meanwhile, 3R0R was fiddling with the communications array in the speeder, trying to see if he could use it to gain access to any information within the building itself. Unfortunately, while doing so, he manged to accidentally call one of the open lines and heard a voice answer. "Hello, who is this?" Realising his error, he cut the line as quickly as possible, though a later cursory scan revealed that additional security had been added as a result.

Once they had made their findings, Rawl and Nexu returned to the speeder and they made their way back to the safehouse, noting that groups of dangerous looking men and women appeared to be watching them as they passed by on their way back to the safehouse.

The evening following their first Parliamentary appearance, Tavi and Troal were invited to dinner in the headquarters of the libertarian movement. Both the Libertarians; and Tavi and Troal were all quite open about their interests and they reached a lot of common ground. Troal was on his best behaviour and came across as particularly charming amongst the dinner guests.

The mood was brought down slightly as Tavi brought up the war and reassured the table that the Republic was winning the conflict. Castel asked that he might speak with her about it in private following the dinner. Conversation returned to more pleasant topics until some of the guests began to leave and Castel invited Tavi into her study to discuss the war in more detail. Tavi revealed to her that he had been an active combatant on Saleucami and that he had fought alongside the clone troopers, but that the Republic was making great advances in that theatre.

Castel asked Tavi what differenciated the Clone troopers from slaves. He said that there was a nobility and a comraderie about them and that one day, when the war was over, they would be like him and be turned from soldiers to peacekeepers. Castel expressed her disappointment that Tavi admitted to being a soldier of the Republic, noting that many had hoped that he had come as a peacekeeper but that it was evident now that the war had truly come to Sy Myrth.

The meeting and dinner then ended. As Tavi and Troal left the Libertarian's headquarters, they failed to notice a small drone that watched them from above. We cut to a darkened room, with a hooded figure watching them emerge. The hooded figure nodded and spoke. "The boy, he does well…"


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