Star Wars: Minor Details

Game 1) Aggressive Negotiations


The guys were tasked with destroying one of three shield generators of a separatist fortress to assist in a republic attack. They stormed in and took out the first one (via splicing) with little difficulty only to find there were additional forces waiting beneath to reclaim the station once the main republic force was inbound.

Troal (Wookie Jedi, Rob) and Cavi (Ferret man Jedi, Padraig) held off the forces while Raul (Splicer commando, Aonghus) planted explosives to destroy the building and emitter entirely. Meanwhile Tavi (Twi'lek Jedi, Jarek) and Nexu (Sneaky Commando, Aidan) Marshalled the remaining forces to clear the landing area of droids.

Their respective tasks successful and main forces landed successfully, they realised that the CIS forces had retaken one of the other emitters and rengaged it, trapping the landed republic forces within.

They hurried back to the first emitter and fought their way through some super battle droids to find a magna guard that their weapons were doing little damage to. Working together they managed to drop the magna guard on the emitter generator core and blew it up.


Syrius7 Syrius7

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